Digital amplifier PL series


PL series is a D-class 1U digital amp, designed for special sound plates, and it only weighs 4.5kg. Based on advanced U.S.A. military technology, PL series has a very efficient and reliable switching-mode power supply and also has PFC function. PL series uses aluminum case,so it has a perfect cooling function. Also, PL series adopts reliable capacitors made by imported materials; these capacitors have small size but huge volume, so it can support a wonderful power supply system in any condition. PL series keeps a higher sound-level, so you can get a powerful bass, very bright&clean twiteer. Also, PL series can sut off undesired frequencies, remove hum noise and keeps very high sound reliability.

1. very light: 3.5-4.0kg;

2. 4-layer PCB & 2A copper structure with   2mm thickness--Stable working in harsh conditions.

3. Complete aluminum chassis, elegant outlook;

4. high-end switching-mode power supply design;

5. 1U rack, small size;

6. Low-noise variable-speed fan, imported;

7. High efficient cooling system;